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2001 美国《温柔在心》这是一部关于一位医生的电影

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导演: Paul S. Parco
编剧: Paul S. Parco
主演: Jennifer Gayle / 特蕾西·莱恩 / Toby Miller / Todd Holliday
类型: 剧情
制片国家/地区: 美国
语言: 英语


  A doctor falls in love with his patient, a beautiful tennis star who has just been diagnosed with a condition from which she could die if she doesn't have an operation. 
  Dr. Thomas Freeman married the girl of his dreams. But fate took his wife from him. After years of brooding he has finally reopened himself to love. However, instead of finding one good woman, he finds himself having to choose between two. Christy is a vivacious young tennis pro spoiling for a love match, and Raquel is a woman as wise in the ways of pleasure as she is gentle, nurturing and true. Tender Is The Heart is the delicious story of how Doc Freeman decides to decide. 
  Robert Eastwood, Todd Holliday and Jennifer Gayle star in this melodrama about a doctor, Thomas Freeman, who finally falls in love after years of mourning the death of his wife. There's a hitch, however: Thomas has become attached to not one but two different women, and they couldn't be farther apart. Christy is young and headstrong, while Raquel is mature and loving. Making a choice will be very difficult...... 
  Robert Eastwood,Todd Holliday和Jennifer Gayle主演了这部关于一位医生的电影。 在为妻子的逝世悲恸数年之后,Thomas Freeman终于迎来了新的恋情。然而唯一的问题是,Thomas结缘不是一个女人,而是两个不同的女人,并且他们已无法分开。Christy年轻任性,Raquel成熟热忱。要作出的选择实属不易...

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